My father passed this week after 91 years on this earth. So ends his existence in this form, but he lives on in others. One such form is in memory and this goes back and forward in time. But for now, I choose, or it may be chosen for me, to remember… His sacrifice for […]

New life springs in our home in the form and spirit of a bouncing (literally) baby, a four-legged boy, named “Boone.” He brings joy, youthful energy and an unwavering need to be vigilant. All eyes are upon him for his undeniable adorableness as well as his stealthy jaunts to mark his new home. Glad we […]

I’ve been sitting on this thought for a long while, wondering if I my point of view might evolve. It hasn’t. Anyway, it’s more of a feeling, something that struck me deeply when the Duke Cancer Center came into view. Wide-eyed I scanned the breadth of the medical center with that feeling ringing head to […]

A half-century ago the position of “astronaut” held the same stature as fireman, policeman, doctor or, for some us, Batman. Back then adults often asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and any of these responses elicited the “big dreams” adult face. These days I spend a bit of time wondering […]

A random statement in a car ad got my attention the other day. While I still wonder about subliminal messages and light-speed editing, the words stood out clear as day. Some guy excitedly offers how his life would change if he were behind the wheel: “I would feel like a cool dad!” As the adults […]

Recently, I have been wondering why a small portion of humanity is so determined to destroy the fabric of the whole. Confused because who are we if we do not love our kids, our family, our community, our fellow citizens? Who are we without our faith? How you measure and what you think is important […]

With Father’s Day fading in the rear view mirror, the years of watching the boys grow up offers a trail of bright moments of pure innocence. Nothing is as pure as “the walk” and the nightly ritual provided a foundation of connection in those early years. The ritual may begin with excitement, disinterest or down […]