A random statement in a car ad got my attention the other day. While I still wonder about subliminal messages and light-speed editing, the words stood out clear as day. Some guy excitedly offers how his life would change if he were behind the wheel: “I would feel like a cool dad!” As the adults […]

Recently, I have been wondering why a small portion of humanity is so determined to destroy the fabric of the whole. Confused because who are we if we do not love our kids, our family, our community, our fellow citizens? Who are we without our faith? How you measure and what you think is important […]

With Father’s Day fading in the rear view mirror, the years of watching the boys grow up offers a trail of bright moments of pure innocence. Nothing is as pure as “the walk” and the nightly ritual provided a foundation of connection in those early years. The ritual may begin with excitement, disinterest or down […]

While we honor Dads on Father’s Day, on a deeper level the ritual serves to remind us of the significance of our role. For this father, the moment asks: Who have I been in the last 365 days? The answer matters more than any attention or gifts. While many roles are incredibly important, Moms and […]

We live in a culture sprinkled with “easy” and sure-thing formulas. When an article or ad starts with “secret” or a prescribed number of single digit steps— run for the hills. This approach is nothing new. Some form of this seduction has always been present to separate people from their money, responsibility or reason. The […]

I am grateful for the rituals that remind us to pay attention, to honor those who give, care, and complete us in ways too numerous to mention… But let me try a few: On this day I honor all mothers who are the creative force and the rock we build our lives upon. A Father’s […]

There are beautiful rituals that cycle and make deeper impressions in memory with every pass. It doesn’t matter where or when, it matters that the space is always open to receive. And everybody does it in such different ways. It hit me last night like it so often does: A quiet calm and the happenings […]