Emptying your desk, a space you occupied for a time before iPhones, represents the accidental version of a time capsule. I don’t question why I kept anything because the answers fall into just a few categories: time, curiosity, or didn’t want to lug it home. In the depths beyond the dust, I found newspaper articles […]

Play is a common word. We can tell when it’s happening—playing—but we have a difficult time describing what it really is. “Fun” seems to be a major default. But we end up in very different spaces when we say, “fun,” some of which categorize play as a “frivolous” activity. Describing play is similar to describing […]

Somewhere along the way, the media presentation of fatherhood shifted. And not in a flattering manner. I say “somewhere” because I’m not really sure when it happened. I just know we went from “Father Knows Best” (yes, I know that is not always the case—but hold on…) to a two-dimensional character named after one of […]

Dusty memories arise with the coming of another birthday. And the years seem to have shrunk as if another victim of inflation. With technology at high speed, my memories center on things from my youth barely worth remembering (think “jingles”) or that barely seem real. Like the first family car I can recall, a Plymouth […]

When New York Yanker slugger, Aaron Judge, launched his 60th home run into the left field seats, a large cluster of fans eschewed safety for the dog pile of a prized souvenir. Emerging from the humanity, a young man who attends a college in New York, also a baseball player, immediately sought out security to […]

Changing metaphors follow along with technology and our attempts at understanding the meaning of being human. Farming offered the maxim of planting seeds and tending with care for the future harvest. We aligned with natural processes. Then comes the steam engine and we were “full speed ahead” or if things weren’t going well, we’d “blow […]

No matter how many times I see this picture, I end up in the same place. Consumed with awe, absorbed in the beauty within the frame, full of wonder and gratitude. And thankful that my wife, Melanie, has always had such an eye for images that take your breath away. Moments. Wordless and timeless. Not sure if […]

This Father’s Day, I’ve decided to start a new tradition. One that symbolizes my father’s unique character and hoping he will join me for a toast from above. Another Father’s Day without him but your kids and your parents are forever on your mind. First, a little background… My father’s favorite beer was Heineken. He’d […]

I have kept a journal since my pre-teen years and in hindsight, I am sure it was a touch of grace from above. To see your world in print is humbling with respect to the power of life, our potential to rise, and our blatant inadequacies. When the boys were born, I started a journal […]

The smell of the grass and… There are certain places that hold the spirit of the past, characters like ghosts transparent in the shape of another time. One of these places has a pull beyond resistance and every time I am in NY I have to follow the call… The old baseball field sat in […]