Puppies bring light and joy into family life, a never-ending source of new experiences. The same can be true of their always renewable energy. Boone, our bouncing 10-month old, has kept us on our toes—for different reasons—since his arrival. Over our short history he has offered generous helpings of love, play, laughter, cryptic furniture and […]

Kids don’t come with manuals on how to raise them. But kids don’t get handbooks on how life works either. It’s a learn as you go process, hopefully with reverent guidance and the experience of others to draw upon. Day to day, the ups and downs can be a kiddie coaster to ascents and free-falls […]

To me, nothing is as soothing as humor, especially when it bathes over pain. I think Mark Twain said something like, show me someone with a sense of humor and I will show you someone who knows what is serious. This becomes obvious when you come face to face with someone without a sense of […]

For more than two decades I have welcomed many weekend mornings in a space that has remembered me. I take a seat on the bench hoping to gracefully blend in with nature has already started. The birds come in shifts– bluebirds, morning doves… Woodpeckers peck metal and it rattles like a jackhammer. A hawk visits […]

Labels like “Man Cave” can be well earned. At times, I understand my wife’s concern with style—or more appropriately, lack thereof. She’s outnumbered 4 to 1 (a 9-month-old male puppy further tilted the scales) and without her taste, discernment, and diligence home territory could easily become like the men’s floor of a college dorm. Doors […]

This stage of life seems to offer up dusty memories as if to ask, “Does this still matter?” Like familiar but long since dormant items in the attic, you wonder about the connection in the present. While back in New York for the holidays, many memories of a young boy in the Bronx alighted. Random—so […]

I love everything about the Christmas season except that it feels like it comes quicker each year. I am reminded of a friend who said that “life is like a roll of toilet paper; the closer to the end the faster it goes.” So, it goes. But the spirit does not. And each year I […]