At some point you become very clear about what these hands are for. The precious gift of opposable thumbs enables a limitless use of tools for utility and creativity. From toothpicks to guitar picks, hammers to paintbrushes… Oh, and I can’t talk without using my hands. These hands have served me well in serving. So […]

It’s been three years since “A Father’s Path” came to me. Like a good story, the meaning of The Path deepens with each chapter. Like journaling, a good and true relationship, or deep devotion to something bigger than yourself, the words have become a reflection telling a wider and deeper story. The Path has never […]

Why it is Hard to Work at Home Reason 4: Motivation Of course, it is easy to stay motivated with nature’s role models showing the way. Somehow I think this little guy has inspired American Ninja Warriors everywhere. If we would extend ourselves in such a manner for basic needs, imagine what we would do […]

Many years back I went for a routine ride to the store to with my father-in-law, “RW”. Melanie and I had been in North Carolina for a short time and as RW strapped in shotgun in Mustang Sally on a hot summer day, I remembered the cooler climes of New York’s Hudson Valley. And that […]

Why It’s Hard to Work from Home: Reason 101 The sounds of nature. The attractions of nature that distract in a way to remind of its beauty. A tree frog hanging out at the home office. Brilliant green and with stillness to inspire. Cute and I admire its stick-to-it-ness. Back to work!

Why it’s Hard to Work from Home: Reason # 50 (approximate weight of distraction) A picture is worth… Well dogs already know that. They don’t really need a big vocabulary to tell you what they need. The invitation to play can be assertive. “Look! I’ve brought toys!” And if not answered in a timely fashion, […]

I can help but think we all have more time to think. Maybe it’s just staring at the gold of the years to come. Who knows? But here is a piece that I’ve adapted from a larger work on fatherhood. Seems like it has been bouncing around for ages…   “Ball” There is something magical […]

Puppies bring light and joy into family life, a never-ending source of new experiences. The same can be true of their always renewable energy. Boone, our bouncing 10-month old, has kept us on our toes—for different reasons—since his arrival. Over our short history he has offered generous helpings of love, play, laughter, cryptic furniture and […]

Kids don’t come with manuals on how to raise them. But kids don’t get handbooks on how life works either. It’s a learn as you go process, hopefully with reverent guidance and the experience of others to draw upon. Day to day, the ups and downs can be a kiddie coaster to ascents and free-falls […]