One of the places I find a sense of peace is behind the wheel. Something about the hum of the tires and moving through space and time. It’s always been a place to talk with the boys. Eyes peering out through the windshield, strapped into our time machine—a balance of stillness and motion. Sometimes it’s […]

A favorite author once wrote that we are born 14 years too soon. Our birth, unlike other species, is the beginning of a very long path from dependence to independence. For years we cannot truly support ourselves as there is much to learn and maturity is a slow and gradual process. The 14 years is […]

I’m a big Elvis fan. That may seem a little strange since he hasn’t been with us since 1977 (Super Bowl XI for those who are already in the mood). I know the guy was the ultimate when it comes to cool. Who else could make hearts swoon in a jazzed up Jiffy Lube one-piece? […]

One of the roles I cherish is that of “coach.” For over thirty years I have been fortunate enough to have people who want to learn and choose me to be a part of their journey. I never take this lightly. And maybe the moments mean more having lost the ability to do it as […]

On the Father’s Path one of the important questions is: “What does it mean to be strong?” All around stereotypes and superficial models offer answers, while social media and other technologies flood consciousness with implicit and explicit examples. But it has been my experience that we meet “strong” in personal and private ways. In thinking […]

I have cancer. While it does not have me, I have realized the value of time on a different scale. Having said those three words most every day going into the third year, I resolve to look at time a bit differently this year. As a “wonderer,” I spend too much time wondering about things […]

In grieving, the waves come and go over the years, and most of the time they rise from something missing, a connection that reminds of what was and is no more. The Holidays have never been the same without my father-in-law. Pictures of him adorn the house in various spaces. All of them capture in […]