On Floors and Footsteps

In grieving, the waves come and go over the years, and most of the time they rise from something missing, a connection that reminds of what was and is no more. The Holidays have never been the same without my father-in-law. Pictures of him adorn the house in various spaces. All of them capture in some sense who he was and how he remains in our hearts. Most of the time he was a man of few but meaningful words, and this time of year sure to bring lightness and good cheer. He could make you laugh with a certain look, and he loved being a grandfather. I miss the sound of his work boots on the hardwood floors. No one wears work boots around here…

Sometimes grief comes calling from something that should be missing. This is our first Christmas without our faithful dog, Ace. I will miss his shared excitement on Christmas morning. I will miss his method of unwrapping gifts—especially the ones that weren’t for him. I will miss his fly-bys and naughty looks that make you smile… All along the floors are hints of his absence. I never appreciated how he cleaned up behind us. Our once spotless floors now leave traces of preparation and served meals. Like a still life with a broom, they await a proper exit. The tinkle of crumbs, like first snowflakes, reminds that he is gone…

brown wooden armchair on brown wooden floor

Photo by Marcelo Jaboo on Pexels.com

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