I have cancer. While it does not have me, I have realized the value of time on a different scale. Having said those three words most every day going into the third year, I resolve to look at time a bit differently this year. As a “wonderer,” I spend too much time wondering about things that matter less and less each year. Along this path, my mind wanders on these topics and the time truly is better spent for it is not a part of any vital role. Humor is important and amusement can be fun, but I’d rather spend these moments in the light rather than the lighter side of life. So, in 2019 I resolve to STOP:

  • Trying to figure out the song the guy with the headphones is singing next to me at the gym. I only get one or two words and part of the chorus and it always startles me when these guys blurt out of the blue. Plus, my song catalog tapers off greatly with the birth of our first son. 1996 for anyone considering how music has changed. For giggles, Beyonce was 15 (Oops… I did it again—wait, no that was Britney Spears).
  • Wondering why we pay for 1000+ cable channels and watch the same 3 channels.
  • Wondering why people take phones into restaurants.
  • Wondering why people talk on the phone while walking with children and dogs, ordering lunch, or ordering a triple café mocha, 178.5 degrees, non-fat, no whip, Grande in a Venti cup.
  • Wondering when the person in front of me will stop texting and notice the green light.

abbey road

  • Wondering why pedestrians have enough faith in the lines of a crosswalk rather than look up from their “smart” phones long enough to look both ways.
  • Wondering why the gym where I workout presents the banner “No Judgment Zone” yet displays a sign describing “Lunkheads,” and sets off a siren for all to hear if you drop a dumbbell.
  • Wondering if any news channel will ever lose the group-think, ten-person-same-opinion panel and go back to one broadcaster with a fair and balanced approach.
  • Wondering why, if the Beatles are the greatest band of all time, no radio stations play their songs.
  • Waiting for a Beatles song on the radio.

I’m sure more resolutions will arise. This seems a healthy start and I resolve to spend this valuable time saved giving thanks for the blessings in my life.

Happy New Year!


**(Credit: Picture of Abbey Road on

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