A Father’s Honor

While we honor Dads on Father’s Day, on a deeper level the ritual serves to remind us of the significance of our role. For this father, the moment asks:

Who have I been in the last 365 days?

The answer matters more than any attention or gifts. While many roles are incredibly important, Moms and Dads hold the human fabric together generation to generation and provide a buffer to the not-so friendly forces all around.

In this era when attention is turned outward to those who turn power into collective angst, it is a breath of calm to consider the simplicity of home, of family, of those who matter most. As the world gets bigger and more interconnected, I find the most comfort and the greatest difference can be made in the small circle within my reach.

On this day I remember how fortunate I am to have grandfathers willing the take the risk of coming to this land for a better life, and a father who embraced the needs of his family as provider and protector.  And a father-in-law who taught me so much about family and growing up before his passing.

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On this day I give thanks and remember how fortunate I am for the miracle of just being a Dad.

Life is precious and fragile. I witnessed the miracle of my first son’s birth and will never forget its humbling and transforming force. The birth of our second son reminds of the razor’s edge between life and death for we nearly lost him moments after he arrived. A miracle in the span of 60 seconds saved him—and me.

On this day it’s worth remembering that kids just don’t do well without dads around. And they do even worse when they around and not being a dad. And even worse when they are around and haven’t figured out the power of their words and actions.

On this day, I honor the Father, and fathers, and pray for the miracle of grace for those who have strayed from the Path.

Happy Father’s Day.

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