New Life

New life springs in our home in the form and spirit of a bouncing (literally) baby, a four-legged boy, named “Boone.” He brings joy, youthful energy and an unwavering need to be vigilant. All eyes are upon him for his undeniable adorableness as well as his stealthy jaunts to mark his new home.

Glad we waited on a new carpet.

boone at door

Boone’s presence reminds of the physical absence of my old sidekick, Ace, who blessed us and me with his devotion for 11 years. The hole reminds that we live on the edges of joy and sorrow, of love and grief. And only in distance can we see how it all fits.

Ace at door

Boone offers his eyes a bit more each day. For the eyes offer the poles as well, of threat and love. He is figuring out that I am here for the long haul and trust is earned. And I am thankful for the opportunity, once again, to nurture and support a life. To provide the conditions for life to breathe life in all of us.

The story begins, starting from the same union, the same light, the same inexhaustible source.

Boone knows his name or at least makes a connection between a sound and an offering. Each day he will move further from the connection of Boone and the reward of a treat. It reminds me that we all are so much more than a name or any label we can slap on our clothes or the bumper of the car.

For now, it is part of the process and he offers in return the delicious treat of a joyful wag and sweet eyes…”Boone, come!”

And welcome home.

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