The Heart

Dedicated to the memory of RWM…

As each year passes on this path, what is meaningful becomes clearer. And it’s not surprising that those “things” are relationships. For with each ring inside the tree it becomes clearer that everything in life is relationship, including your relationship with life.

For me, at this stage, it’s about faith and family—which in the greater community seem to be taking it on the chin. Again, I find this odd as these relationships reside in the innermost circle for all. The source of the disconnect seems to come from the question: If not family and faith, then what? For this points to where we look and where we are heading in a greater whole (off the rails?). And in this wider band forums ring out loud and clear, but far from the heart.

frozen wave against sunlight

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This narrow band of attention directed outward keeps a dim light shining on what will never offer an answer, provide comfort, or give meaning. For the little drips of reward, pleasure, and power are short-lived, and the ever-patient, ever-faithful heart waits for the flashlight to run out of power. Technology, science, and politics are all meant to serve, yet with such a narrow focus, the servants have become the masters. No wonder the heart shudders.

In a recent “60 Minutes” episode a professor at a renowned institution shared that someday, with technology’s help, we will be able to read minds. The little lighted areas of the brain revealed by f-MRI technology holds the secrets. Now, if only we can create an app…

The fascination, the oohs and aahs of pretty pictures in two-dimensions speaks to this narrow band, for we have to assume and ignore the unlit inner bands of life in four dimensions. For there, with these millions of dollars dedicated to research to find out what we already know with our intuition (the source of “objective” research) our hearts (being human and in relationship), we can invest in the minds of our family and community—our extended family. I don’t begrudge the professor’s living, but a boatload of cash over the next decade for a scholarly article that only his buds will read seems out of proportion. Such a high price tag could put an extra teacher in each early childhood room—the center of our greatest potential. It takes a widening of this focus to see that if we invest in families the way we invest in potholes (count the orange vests next time you are out and about) we might get somewhere.

But that requires faith. Dim the flashlight and let the lighthouse lead. For faith reveals the most important relationship—the one you have with life.

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