Actions Speak

Why it’s Hard to Work from Home: Reason # 50 (approximate weight of distraction)

A picture is worth… Well dogs already know that. They don’t really need a big vocabulary to tell you what they need.

Inkedhard to work at home 3_LI

The invitation to play can be assertive. “Look! I’ve brought toys!”

And if not answered in a timely fashion, the “Bundle of Brindle” has learned how to close a laptop with a well-aimed swat. Whap! No kidding.


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Direction. Execution. Evolution. Each day can be an expression of living with purpose and focusing on what matters most. My sites share this theme of vision, living in our most important roles and responsibilities from imagination and creativity in a simple, practical way. I am committed to educating and serving, founded in principles of development, that people can use and practice in their every day lives.