These Hands

At some point you become very clear about what these hands are for. The precious gift of opposable thumbs enables a limitless use of tools for utility and creativity. From toothpicks to guitar picks, hammers to paintbrushes…

Oh, and I can’t talk without using my hands.

These hands have served me well in serving. So much so that I can brush off with ease the vision sitting atop the “Good Will” pile, a donation of what could’ve been with these hands. A long ago gift for the new homeowner with ambition as thick as the text. And as thick as the dust that settled on its cover over the years

Truth is, the Handy-Person (and owner of assorted manual and power tools) around here is my wonderful wife. The talents of her opposable thumbs do not need the help of a thick reference book. She gets things done.

Looking back, the only evidence of this handyman’s work are concealed beneath the surface of a job well-done. Tragic ineptness repaired by skilled hands following my submission to the task. As my “how to” reference text heads to the next homeowner, I admit the only legacy of my household repairs are just good stories.

Remember when Dad tried to fix…?

Despite the well-meaning gift all those years ago, “fix” and “these hands” haven’t emerged in the same breath. But I surely don’t blame them. They have been good to me.

Excuse me now, I have to change a light bulb…

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About Dr. John Panepinto

Direction. Execution. Evolution. Each day can be an expression of living with purpose and focusing on what matters most. My sites share this theme of vision, living in our most important roles and responsibilities from imagination and creativity in a simple, practical way. I am committed to educating and serving, founded in principles of development, that people can use and practice in their every day lives.