Every two years (it used to be four!) I find myself saying the same thing around bedtime. “Five more minutes,” which then turns into ten. And so on…The Olympics refuse to make it easy to say, goodnight, and I find my bedtime extended to hours not typically seen. But to lose a bit of sleep […]

On the path of the brotherhood of fathers, you always have eyes peeled for people you can believe in. People who enliven the values you try to live and try to hand down to each generation. Models of the most sacred inner pacts and spaces. Walking the talk. With the wideness of the web, trivia […]

For years I viewed the mailbox with the excitement of possibilities. The anticipation of a letter written just for me never waned. Letter-writing, taught in school curriculums in the past, has fallen from consciousness to the point that I’m sure some have never received a personal letter. Even Santa sends and receives emails and Dear […]

Along The Path it is a blessing to be able to rise and fall and rise with someone you cherish. Someone who sees you, at times, clearer than you see yourself. Sets you straight. Centers you. Someone who laughs at your jokes before you finish them, who has the same meaningful thought at the same […]

Mom passed. On to meet the love of her life. Together again. A bell rings. An angel gets her wings. I wrote this next passage years ago. One of the last moments I had with her when a glimpse of lightness and grace danced in the movement of the present moment… ****** ♫  Someday, when […]

A hospital is a strange place to be when you are very sick. When you feel nothing like yourself. Everyone does the best they can but your heart calls for home. The worst in COVID times is from 8 PM to 8 AM. You’re alone in the backless uniform, an uncomfortable bed, arms shackled with […]

Recently, I had the chance to spend some time with three amazing men on their podcast, The Oak City Sports Show. Eddie Carter, Dale Neal, and Anthony Robinson are more than experienced athletes. They are role models and men asking the tough questions and putting themselves out there. For me, it was refreshing to be […]

The stress of having cancer live in your home ebbs and flows. Sometimes it’s quiet and you get to enjoy the little things and the simple moments with pure innocence. Other times it squeezes in at inopportune times and everyone knows it. The awkwardness of an uninvited guest. Oh. Yeah. That. Love has qualities we […]

At some point you become very clear about what these hands are for. The precious gift of opposable thumbs enables a limitless use of tools for utility and creativity. From toothpicks to guitar picks, hammers to paintbrushes… Oh, and I can’t talk without using my hands. These hands have served me well in serving. So […]

It’s been three years since “A Father’s Path” came to me. Like a good story, the meaning of The Path deepens with each chapter. Like journaling, a good and true relationship, or deep devotion to something bigger than yourself, the words have become a reflection telling a wider and deeper story. The Path has never […]