I am grateful for the rituals that remind us to pay attention, to honor those who give, care, and complete us in ways too numerous to mention… But let me try a few: On this day I honor all mothers who are the creative force and the rock we build our lives upon. A Father’s […]

There are beautiful rituals that cycle and make deeper impressions in memory with every pass. It doesn’t matter where or when, it matters that the space is always open to receive. And everybody does it in such different ways. It hit me last night like it so often does: A quiet calm and the happenings […]

Sometimes the tumblers click. You’re sitting in a familiar space, no expectations, and you can feel the hum in your bones. A million gears align and harmonize and for a moment you feel like you’ve been here before. You have— for it’s the sense of timelessness, the stars aligning and the angels singing. Their song […]

Note: I wrote this for another venue, but couldn’t help but see it through a father’s eyes… Most have considered their personal notion of great human achievements. And I am certain there are clusters of agreement around specific events. Depending on interests and culture, groups can sit around the circle and recall with wide-eyed wonder […]

As a young boy in the Bronx, I spent a lot of time hurling Spaulding or Pinky rubber balls to the bricks of my apartment building. A carefully drawn chalk rectangle served as a strike zone for my daily baseball games. And there was no doubt who I was, number 41, Tom “Terrific” Seaver. I […]

The first time I experienced my knees knocking was the summer of 1974. It was opening day of the summer baseball season and as I stood along the first base line, I could not stop my knees from quivering. I’d always thought it was a figure of speech, but I was the body electric right […]

One of the places I find a sense of peace is behind the wheel. Something about the hum of the tires and moving through space and time. It’s always been a place to talk with the boys. Eyes peering out through the windshield, strapped into our time machine—a balance of stillness and motion. Sometimes it’s […]