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The “8 Questions” Series For Parents…

No matter how fast the world changes, families remain at the center of our lives. We live in relationships each moment. And meaningful relationships are the only consistent factor in any measure of the quality of life, well-being, and happiness. Given the parent-child relationship is primary, mothers and fathers hold the most influential role in our social fabric.

Parenting through the stages of a child’s development is challenging, and a “how-to” formula or step-by-step approach would barely scratch the surface. Yet most parenting books focus on stock answers for “What do I do when…?” But a snapshot from a life story ignores the depth and breadth of parenting because…

…It’s complicated.

These 8 Questions help frame the parenting role for each developmental stage in a simple and concise manner. The answers you create are yours and for your family. Families change through the years, but the Questions are always there to ask and return to. When you do, you create an informative and enriching dialogue regarding life’s most meaningful matters.

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The Teen Years present their own challenge for growth and development for them and you. New dynamics mean different questions. Or the same questions from a different perspective… These 8 Questions serve as the next step to help understand the unique challenges of parenting developing adolescents.

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About the Author

Dr. John C. Panepinto has worked in educational, clinical, and private settings for over twenty-five years (and counting). Presently, he serves as Clinical Psychologist for Carolina Developmental Pediatrics, and has maintained a private practice for over 20 years. With specialties in developmental psychology, parenting, attachment, and performance psychology, Dr. Panepinto has written several books as well as articles for various resources including The New England Psychologist, Psyche Central,, and Tennis Pro. Dr. Panepinto writes and presents on parenting, development, emotional intelligence, resiliency, raising and teaching boys, and performance psychology. He helped develop and implement a character education program that received a national award in 2003. He was the keynote speaker for the 2017 National Stay-At-Home Dad’s convention, and blogs on his passions for fatherhood ( and performance psychology and leadership (

Most importantly, he is married and the father of two wonderful sons.

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