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One of the sinking feelings along the path is having your mode of transportation let you down. You negotiate the morning ritual and step outside to notice your sharp start has gone flat in the shape of a non-round tire. You can hear the hiss of the day and its smooth start slip away… I’ve […]

A friend of mine uses the word “whole” to describe a certain type of individual. When he says the word he makes a gesture, an unmistakable expression of fullness and form enough to hold something of worth. When you are around this type of “whole” person, the experience is different. They are not their wounds […]

There are certain threads that weave in and out of a Father’s Path, pockets of space in time that connect and transform. These are the moments when both familiarity and change get along just fine and remind us that nothing stands still. With the boys, so many of these rituals have centered on passions that […]

A recent radio ad encourages fathers to “take the time to be a dad” and a 15-second flurry lists ideas to help the connection. I’ve heard the ad three times now and its message is clear and worthwhile. Now I know you can’t list everything in 15 seconds, and the ad’s brevity speaks to both […]

I grew up in a time when thumbs had the power to convince someone to give you a ride. Hitchhiking is a rare sight these days, replaced by Uber, the reach of cell phones, and the widening grip of “stranger danger.” Concerning the latter, we seem to have become more fearful of those beyond our […]

It’s been 17 years and as with all traumatic experiences, time defies the sense of it all. 9/11/2001 is a part of our country’s fabric and each year we remember not to forget all those who suffered and still suffer. In my family story, I remember the day and how young the boys were, ages […]

I’m not one for nostalgia but I do love the beauty of a sweet memory. Space has imprints of the past and I find myself time traveling when I pass certain places. There’s an old café in the bones of what is now a Hookah lounge not far from NC State University. What Darwin would […]