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Sometimes the tumblers click. You’re sitting in a familiar space, no expectations, and you can feel the hum in your bones. A million gears align and harmonize and for a moment you feel like you’ve been here before. You have— for it’s the sense of timelessness, the stars aligning and the angels singing. Their song […]

Note: I wrote this for another venue, but couldn’t help but see it through a father’s eyes… Most have considered their personal notion of great human achievements. And I am certain there are clusters of agreement around specific events. Depending on interests and culture, groups can sit around the circle and recall with wide-eyed wonder […]

As a young boy in the Bronx, I spent a lot of time hurling Spaulding or Pinky rubber balls to the bricks of my apartment building. A carefully drawn chalk rectangle served as a strike zone for my daily baseball games. And there was no doubt who I was, number 41, Tom “Terrific” Seaver. I […]

The first time I experienced my knees knocking was the summer of 1974. It was opening day of the summer baseball season and as I stood along the first base line, I could not stop my knees from quivering. I’d always thought it was a figure of speech, but I was the body electric right […]

One of the places I find a sense of peace is behind the wheel. Something about the hum of the tires and moving through space and time. It’s always been a place to talk with the boys. Eyes peering out through the windshield, strapped into our time machine—a balance of stillness and motion. Sometimes it’s […]

A favorite author once wrote that we are born 14 years too soon. Our birth, unlike other species, is the beginning of a very long path from dependence to independence. For years we cannot truly support ourselves as there is much to learn and maturity is a slow and gradual process. The 14 years is […]

I’m a big Elvis fan. That may seem a little strange since he hasn’t been with us since 1977 (Super Bowl XI for those who are already in the mood). I know the guy was the ultimate when it comes to cool. Who else could make hearts swoon in a jazzed up Jiffy Lube one-piece? […]