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It’s been 17 years and as with all traumatic experiences, time defies the sense of it all. 9/11/2001 is a part of our country’s fabric and each year we remember not to forget all those who suffered and still suffer. In my family story, I remember the day and how young the boys were, ages […]

I’m not one for nostalgia but I do love the beauty of a sweet memory. Space has imprints of the past and I find myself time traveling when I pass certain places. There’s an old café in the bones of what is now a Hookah lounge not far from NC State University. What Darwin would […]

  The contradictions along the father’s path have not failed to tickle my funny bone in a way that eludes understanding. Of course, when they are presented in the original form the confusion is not so funny. Going way back, on some level I have always known I was going to be a father, always wanted to […]

In the world of search engines and smartphones, we’ve become somewhat conditioned as a culture to trust the offerings on the first page. No different when it comes to parenting as a simple search of advice yields 220 million results. But go no further than the first page where you will find “50 Easy Ways […]

On a Father’s Path, there is a lot of learning as you go. Between your own stations of life, the uniqueness of your children, and their evolving needs in each successive developmental stage, there are a lot of slack-jaw moments spent at the crossroads of Uncertainty and Wit’s End. One of the many valuable lessons […]

Over the years the mischievous nature and unique flavor of boy humor has been a constant, from the early days of pull-ups on through stubble-faced grins. The brand of humor is both inevitable and unpredictable, from subtle tones and impromptu comments, to carefully crafted pranks, to a wordless and house-shaking physicality. One testament, a group […]

Years before fatherhood—and I’m talking many years—it seemed that everyone in my neighborhood had a nickname. The skill of nicknaming appears to be on a downtrend and it makes me wonder. Back then, nicknames were earned and for the most part endearing. The nickname was carefully considered and spoke to something singular in a person’s […]