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This week we lost a President, a son, a father, a veteran… George H. W. Bush’s lived a full and exemplary life, yet his path centered on just a few words: Service, purpose, love, integrity, humility… Regardless of political stances, opinions, and policies, what matters is the man recognized that our lives arc when we […]

One theme of this space has been everyone has had a connection to fatherhood. The experience runs from total unawareness to total commitment. But, this father’s path and all the others circle back to one point. They start together and end somewhere. And all paths lead home. Outside, the light fades. Leaf piles grow. The […]

One of the challenges along the path is finding the center of needs and interests. It’s a balancing act and at times a circus when you have four very different beings. One point that seems to draw all of us in is the great outdoors. Nature is the centerpiece that never disappoints. Even when inclement […]

When the leaves start falling I’m reminded of the inevitable march of time and change. The sun sits low and stares at midday reminding that a cycle ends and another approaches. The light has a different quality, one of the reminders of the fading year… Time is the currency of our story and in a time […]

One of the sinking feelings along the path is having your mode of transportation let you down. You negotiate the morning ritual and step outside to notice your sharp start has gone flat in the shape of a non-round tire. You can hear the hiss of the day and its smooth start slip away… I’ve […]

A friend of mine uses the word “whole” to describe a certain type of individual. When he says the word he makes a gesture, an unmistakable expression of fullness and form enough to hold something of worth. When you are around this type of “whole” person, the experience is different. They are not their wounds […]

There are certain threads that weave in and out of a Father’s Path, pockets of space in time that connect and transform. These are the moments when both familiarity and change get along just fine and remind us that nothing stands still. With the boys, so many of these rituals have centered on passions that […]