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One of the roles I cherish is that of “coach.” For over thirty years I have been fortunate enough to have people who want to learn and choose me to be a part of their journey. I never take this lightly. And maybe the moments mean more having lost the ability to do it as […]

On the Father’s Path one of the important questions is: “What does it mean to be strong?” All around stereotypes and superficial models offer answers, while social media and other technologies flood consciousness with implicit and explicit examples. But it has been my experience that we meet “strong” in personal and private ways. In thinking […]

I have cancer. While it does not have me, I have realized the value of time on a different scale. Having said those three words most every day going into the third year, I resolve to look at time a bit differently this year. As a “wonderer,” I spend too much time wondering about things […]

In grieving, the waves come and go over the years, and most of the time they rise from something missing, a connection that reminds of what was and is no more. The Holidays have never been the same without my father-in-law. Pictures of him adorn the house in various spaces. All of them capture in […]

Precious time unwinds a little faster each year along this path. And when I take the time to notice the calendar it reminds me of the season that already fills me. The ritual of light and lighting shines in hopes that we will look up and within to the true meaning of our remembrance. The […]

This week we lost a President, a son, a father, a veteran… George H. W. Bush’s lived a full and exemplary life, yet his path centered on just a few words: Service, purpose, love, integrity, humility… Regardless of political stances, opinions, and policies, what matters is the man recognized that our lives arc when we […]

One theme of this space has been everyone has had a connection to fatherhood. The experience runs from total unawareness to total commitment. But, this father’s path and all the others circle back to one point. They start together and end somewhere. And all paths lead home. Outside, the light fades. Leaf piles grow. The […]